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What is Neck Joint / Ghost Mannequin Effect?

Today with the increase in online marketing and e-commerce websites, the demand for Neck Joint / Ghost Mannequin has also increased. This technique mainly used by pre-press works, photographers, magazines, e-commerce stores, newspapers, advertisements and so on.

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How does it work?

So what exactly is Neck Joint / Ghost Mannequin? And how does it help? As we know mannequins are commonly used to display the garments in the windows of a store or even with designers, instead of a human figure. Similarly, mannequins are even used with online and e-commerce retailers to help create a 3D effect of how the various garments look after being worn. We talk about garments they could anything such as shirts, jackets, trousers, cardigan, lingerie, swimsuits and so on. At times even jewelry is also displayed on mannequins. So what’s the difference between a normal mannequin and a Ghost Mannequin? Once the final output is prepared with the particular garment on, the background of the image and the mannequin need to be removed and it is given a hollow or ghostly look. Hence the name Ghost Mannequin Effect or the Invisible Mannequin Effect. This effect can also
be created using Removable Ghost Mannequins or Transparent Mannequins.
However, this turns out to be a more expensive option. Hence as a cost-effective option, photographers use a normal mannequin and then use photo-editing services provided by any good photo-editing software like Photoshop, to create the Ghost Mannequin Effect. However, for using the Ghost Mannequin Effect, it’s important to understand that only one photograph of the mannequin and the garment is not enough. Multiple photographs need to be clicked to cover all the sides of the garment and the mannequin so that a complete 3D look can be created for display on the sites.

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Why is it needed?

When we go into a store, the products are displayed in two forms – one on the hanger and the other on the mannequin. Most of the times, the garment on the mannequin will grab our attention and not the same garment, which is placed on the hanger. Further when it comes to online shopping, similar to placing the garment on the hanger, even if you place the garment on the ground and the photograph is clicked, the image is not appealing enough.

Hence placing the garment on the mannequin becomes more attractive for the customer. Also, when the garment is placed on the mannequin, for online shopping photography, there is nothing in the image except the garment and the mannequin. In such a scenario, the mannequin becomes very distracting and tends to take the focus away from the garment or the jewelry on display. Hence the removal of the mannequin becomes imperative.

At the end of the day, the Neck Joint / Ghost Mannequin effect as an image manipulation technique works making the product images look smarter and noticeable, which in turn helps to increase the sale of the product. Along with making the image attractive, Neck Joint / Ghost Mannequin effect specifies detailed information about almost all the aspects of the product, like how the overall design looks, the shape, and so on.

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