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Photo Masking – A Comprehensive Overview

There are quite a few things that can be done with regards to image editing and image manipulation as far as Photoshop is concerned. One such tool that can be used for image manipulation is “Photo Masking”. Photo masking is an advanced level tool and if you manage to learn this tool, it will raise your level from a beginner to an advanced user.

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How it works?

So let’s understand how photo masking works? And how to use this tool? When someone says “Masking”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Mask? What are masks used for? They are mainly used to hide the face. The Photo Masking tool works in a similar fashion. It is mainly used to hide or show any content or part of the layer. Using this tool can help you control the transparency of certain parts of the layer instead of the whole layer. There are two ways of adding the mask on to the layer; either by clicking the third option on the layer palette, which is present at the bottom or by adding an adjustment layer. It important to understand how the mask layer looks and works. The mask layer will just show some black and white patches. The white part is where the layer is

fully transparent and the content on the layer will show; while the black is opaque and the part that is covered in black will not be seen. When you first add in the mask, it is white. However, this can be changed depending on your preference. Now the next part is painting the mask with the brush key in Photoshop. Ensure that the foreground color is opposite to the color of the mask that you have added in. Depending on where you add in the white and black parts, content would start becoming visible and the rest of the layer content would remain the same. Once you have the content masked and unmasked, the way you need it. You can then play around with the opacity and the transparency using the layer controls and gets the desired output.

Photo Masking


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When you talk about Photoshop, most of the Photoshop techniques come with a host of limitless options that can help bring to reality all that you can imagine. Photo masking is one way of hiding and showing content on a particular layer. However, this not the only way that Photo Masking can be achieved. There are many other techniques also and this is just one of them. You can try different masking and unmasking techniques and understand how they work. Finally which method is the best and which works for you depends entirely on you and which technique you are comfortable with and how fluent you are with the tool. You might need to try more than one technique a couple of times so that you know the tool well in and out and you are able to achieve the output that you desire. Once you have been able to determine the tool, which works best for you. You can work using that tool. Photo Masking or Image Masking is one of the most creative and useful tools in Photoshop.

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