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Importance of Photo color correction

The color and the lighting in the photo set the mood for the photograph. However, Photo Color Correction is considered the most trivial aspect of the entire editing process. This is one aspect that image editors worry about only once the entire editing of the image is complete. Most of the time people treat photo color correction as a simple process, which involves the use of the preset filters, which are present in the image-editing tool. Instead of more than required time is spent on other features of the image like using tools like blurring, sharpening, liquefying, dodging and cloning. Editors often agree that color correction is more important when it comes to even something as big as filmmaking. Directors are very aware of how the color correction is more important than anything else. Most of the times if you check the system of a person that works on the color correction, you will find a huge, high-priced, personal theatre occupied with a remarkable array of tools to correct the latest mega blockbuster.

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Why is color correction important?

Most of the images that we see online where the color retouching of the skin tone or the flawless complexion have no meaning if the photo color correction is not done correctly. The perceiver will never look and see if the finest detail has been corrected instead it’s the color or the photo color correction done that holds the eye of the beholder. In other words to say that a beautiful color corrected photo will seem attractive to the viewer and he or she would definitely stop and check the image before moving forward. For the photographer, it is important that how the color correction works and how you make the photos grab the attention of the viewer in the split of a second. Another important factor to understand is that the color correction sets the mood of the entire situation. Capturing the story and emotions through the lens is one part of this tough job; the other part of this tough job is color correcting it so that the essence of the story can be enhanced and even completely transformed also if needed within a scene or even completely transform it. Having the right color tone in the photo can influence the entire mood and situation of the scene.

Color Correction

Color Correction

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It’s very important for us to remember and understand that it’s not the color retouching and making the photo flawless that grabs our attention. Whenever we look at an image the first thing that grabs our eye is the color scheme or in other words the colors that spring out from the photo or image and hold our eyes. The photo color correction maintaining the color palette with the right amount of warm and cold colors make the entire image and photo more appealing to the eye. As a photographer, he or she will ensure that the right time of the day is chosen to capture the right moment and emotion of the photo. However, the color correction will ensure that the right emotion and value of the photo or image is correctly depicted and is visible.

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